You'll be able to view Palestine as a whole here and locate the various ports of call on the tour. Below are Endomondo maps of the some of the past daily trips. We do between 20 and 50 kilometres a day. That's between 14 and 37 miles. You should be reasonable fit to take this tour - but you don't have to be a great athlete. Our riders have ranged in age from 17 to 70 in the past. There are some tough uphills on the first two days- but we always have transportation available for both you and your bike.

The morning of the 1st day starts off easily- but there is a steep hill to climb to get to Sebastia. Don't worry if you find it hard going. The minibus is always at hand. After your exertions expect a delightful lunch in Sebastia.

After lunch on the 1st day it's all downhill to Nablus. A short and easy ride; but the traffic builds up around the city.

A short section is uphill on an unmade road. Not too difficult though; with lunch to follow by the roadside.

An easy downhill after lunch then a very difficult climb to Taybeh. Most folk take this minibus at this stage. Even me! We visit the famous Taybeh Brewery then take the minibus to overnight in the sparkling city of Ramallah. Many of my favourite hang-out are there.

A delight. All downhill through a beautiful desert landscape. For me this is the highlight of the tour.

A very short ride from Nabi Musa with no difficult uphills; to the edge of the Jerusalem Wilderness.

This is a fabulous walk. We leave the bikes behind and walk across this fabulous terrain to the ancient monastery of Mar Saba. Our bikes are taken by minibus to our overnight destination in Beit Sahour.

On day 6 we will start at Wadi Si'Ir and cycle to Hebron passing the famous glass factory. Then we are taken on a guided tour of this divided city. An easy day.

Very easy flat ride from Bethlehem to Jerusalem where we'll be given a guided tour.