Following your arrival at Tel Aviv airport we will arrange to meet you at the Jerusalem Hotel located at 15 Antara Ben Shadad Street. It is opposite the bus station, close to Jerusalem's Damascus Gate and very near to the Garden Tomb. This is a convenient location for all of those taking part in the tour.

From there we'll take a mini-bus to the Saviour guesthouse in Bethlehem for a brief orientation, meet the guides and take lunch. Our driver will then take us to Jenin and the Haddad Resort Hotel.

You may wish to get a local cell-phone number so we can all keep in touch. You can also bring your own cell-phone if you like but please be sure that you're not paying an extortionate 'roaming' charge. If you have a 3 cell phone account you will be able to make calls to the UK at no extra cost other than your standard UK charge.

George Snow (when in Palestine)
George Snow (when in Italy)
+39 0575 164 5130
Siraj Centre
+972 (0)2 274 8590
The Siraj Center address is YMCA Street, Beit Sahour, Bethlehem, Palestine

Contact George Snow on for general enquiries.

View our PDF of practical information regarding the Bike Palestine tours